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Albuquerque Judge Pat Murdoch Arrested for Sexual Assault of a Prostitute; Charges Denied; Motives of Prostitute Questioned

| July 22, 2011

Another shock! Well-known District Court Judge Albert “Pat” Murdoch has been arrested by Albuquerque Police, accused of raping a prostitute, intimidation of a witness, and other charges. He is vehemently denying the charges. Lawyers who know Judge Murdoch are shocked by the allegations. Many believe he’s being set up.

Court documents show he allegedly contacted the woman online, met with her at his home, paid for sex eight times at $200 each time, and forced oral sex on the woman twice, even though she supposedly, at some point, said no.  The prostitute, who is allegedly 23 years old, has not been identified.  She claims to have videotaped the Judge in the act. Now why would a prostitute do that?

Serious questions have been raised regarding the true motives of the admitted prostitute, including possible blackmail.  Police claim they are continuing their investigation.  They did not, however, decide to complete their investigation and find out all the facts, including getting to the bottom of the clearly suspicious actions of the prostitute, before arresting Judge Murdoch.  They could have, but they didn’t.  Instead, the Albuquerque Police Department, which itself has been the subject of intense negative scrutiny this year, apparently decided to go for the headline and make the arrest.  Did they do this in an effort to draw attention away from themselves?  Only time will tell. Rehnquist-Chamber-Study-12-17-10

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