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Albuquerque Top Cop Darren White Claims Wife Had “Medical Episode” Not DWI; Suspicions Raised Regarding His Conduct at the Scene

| July 15, 2011

Chief Public Safety Officer Darren White’s wife, Kathleen White crashed her black Porsche into a curb in northeast Albuquerque on Wednesday morning, purportedly on her way to the gym.  White, who oversees both the police and fire departments, responded to the scene in his emergency vehicle, he claims, to check on his wife.  He then… himself… drove his wife to the hospital to get medical attention. He claims he did not interfere with the accident investigation and says he welcomes a probe by Independent Review Officer William Deaton.

White, no stranger to media controversy, immediately got defensive and went on the attack, using his wife as a shield. “People are using my wife’s medical condition for cheap political attacks,” said White, was angry, visibly shaking, and on the verge of tears during his news conference. “I don’t know who’s making these allegations, but I have done nothing wrong. Unfortunately, because of these attacks, my wife and I have had to make a decision to provide (media) with her personal medical records, which is something we should never have to do.”

Suspicions have been raised by many regarding White’s judgment and unorthodox actions at the scene, which some claim resulted in a less- than-through investigation into possible driving under the influence by his wife.  Questions have surfaced regarding White’s true motives in rushing to the scene, emergency lights flashing, and taking steps to remove his wife from the scene, and taking her to the hospital himself rather then her being transported by ambulance, as would have occurred with virtually anyone else.

White’s conduct, which smacks of special treatment, has created a firestorm of controversy which is expected to intensity in the days to come.  Many are speculating that he will not survive this latest episode.

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