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Man Claims He Was Left Nearly Blind After Severe Police Beating

| August 25, 2011

The El Monte Police Department in California is under investigation for allegedly beating a suspect so severely that he was left nearly blind. According to attorney Brad Gage, Cornelio David Chavez endured a violent ten-minute beating by six El Monte police officers.

“The beating was so loud that neighbors outside could hear the blows being inflicted and hear the cries for help,” Gage said. “Virtually every bone in his face was broken.”

The incident began when police went to the home of Chavez’s mother to arrest him on outstanding warrants. The arrest became hostile when, according to police, Chavez, who appeared to be under the influence, jumped out of a closet and attacked a police officer.

This investigation into the actions of these police officers comes as investigators are looking at another Southern California police department for alleged police brutality and misconduct.

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